2022 Mix

To mark the 10 year anniversary of its release, Alex Heffes' album Face To Face has been meticulously restored and re-mixed in Spatial Audio to immerse the listener even more vividly into the music and surroundings. In this special edition you'll hear the night time crickets in Uganda on “Manyeta”, the epic cathedral acoustic of the Tate Gallery's Turbine hall in “Shine” and a single bird singing along with Regina Spektor and Alex Heffes in an empty warehouse in the Bronx in “Birdsong”.

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What is Face To Face?

"For years people asked me many variations of one particular question: “Where does your inspiration as a composer come from?” This inspired me to make a record - one that was entirely improvised - nothing prepared in advance. I chose 6 inspiring collaborators to record in 6 inspiring locations. My task: to commit to whatever happened in that space on that day and make a piece of music. Face To Face is my answer to this question."

—Alex Heffes